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In the past, the only way to become a fashion designer is by attending a physical fashion school or tailor shop. This method is no doubt very effective,  as it has produced countless fashion designers in Nigeria.
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Now, because of the diverse benefit of the internet, fashion designers are gradually becoming fashion YouTubers. Youtube is now a good place to learn how to cut and sew. By consistently watching youtube videos and doing as instructed, you can become a fashion designer from the comfort of your home. Amazing right? Below are fashion designers in Nigeria, who are also fashion YouTubers and are successful in both.
  1. Bilirakis Signatures

Bilikis Aina Erinle is undoubtedly one of the most popular Nigerian fashion designers who is a YouTuber. She is a fashion designer, fashion Youtube tutor, and online fashion trainer. She has 353k subscribers and has uploaded not less than 241 sewing videos on her youtube channel. Her channel serves beginners, intermediaries, and advanced fashion students. Her videos are very easy to comprehend. She takes her time to explain over and over again. Bilikis teaches how to cut and sew various styles. Some are her sewing videos are Simple Basic Bodice Pattern (Updated version), Off-shoulder top and sleeve tutorial, How to make MAXI/BUBU jumpsuit, How to make a CORSET [Bustier Top with Cups] PT.1, How to pad your blouse with fusible fleece, how to cut female trouser and many more. She also runs paid online fashion classes from time to time. If you ever doubt how efficient online fashion classes are, a trip to Bilikis youtube page will convince you otherwise.
Bilikis Signatures
  1. Cynthia. A

Cynthia. A is another prominent Nigerian fashion designer on Youtube. She has 209k subscribers and 192 sewing videos. Cynthia began her youtube channel in 2011. Since then, her videos have collectively amassed millions of views. 
Cynthia. A

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Her tutorials are very comprehensive and straightforward. Her videos are appropriate for fashion students and established fashion designers who are struggling with cutting or sewing one style or the other. Some of her videos include: How to make a trending drape cowl kaftan dress/cutting and stitching, how to make a circle top/flared, and how to make a Bishop collar circle short dress/DIY cutting and stitching.

3. Dami Dimension

When discussing fashion designers in Nigeria who are also YouTubers, the list will be incomplete without Dami Dimension. Like her counterparts, she teaches fashion designing online in a simplified method. Her techniques are easy to follow. Dami has 280k subscribers and has uploaded 103 videos.  Some of her videos are: Make 1 easy circle skirt, wear it as a dress, pant, skirt/Quick sewing tutorial, best PALAZZO PANT tutorial/ How to cut and sew (updated version), basic bodice pattern tutorial/ Beginners sewing video, etc. 
Dami Dimension
Other Fashion Designers/Youtubers in Nigeria are:
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  • E-fashion world
  • Donlarrie world
  • Amazing sewing corner
  • Stylish Naija
  • youtoocansew – Chioma Nwosu
  • Hn clothing
  • Ndifon Ntui
  • Seun stitches
  • Cissce’s Apparel
  • Emily peace
  • MimiGeorge How to
  • Yhinksweet ladies place
  • glad001, and an endless list of others.
Reference Youtube Featured Image source: Bilikis Signatures
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This article was first published on 11th May 2022


My name is Agbagba Bukola. I write about the business and exciting world of fashion.

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