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The use of jewelry is very popular in Nigeria. An average Nigerian wears jewelry or owns a small collection of jewelries. As a vital fashion accessory, end users of these products are always looking for the right place to shop.
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Jewelries are decorative ornaments which include brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, and bracelets. These ornaments are usually made from gemstones, precious metals, beads and even shells. Jewelries differ in quality. Some are high end quality pieces while others are low quality recreation of the high quality jewelries.  When you go to a jewelry store in Nigeria. You should not shy away from asking relevant questions concerning your purchase. If you intend to buy a custom made jewelry, you should give specific details about your order. A custom made jewelry piece can be engagement rings, chains, earrings, wristwatches, etc.  Jewelry stores are run by experienced jewellers who are familiar with the running of the business. The jeweller makes sure the client is well attended to. Jewelry stores can either be run offline or online. An online store can be easily run and managed like an offline store. Customers can search for the product of their choice, make payment, receive their goods and complain when necessary. Though online shopping in Nigeria is very rampant, buyers still need to be very careful. These are three jewelry stores in Nigeria. 
  1. Nekar Jewels 

Nekar Jewels is a jewellery online shopping destination providing sales of ear rings, bracelets, watches, neck beads and anklets. The company is involved in the production of the jewelries they sell which includes gold, silver and platinum jewelry studded with diamonds, color stones and semi-precious stones.
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Their designs are exquisite and unique. Their employees are well trained and very skilled. You can be sure of good customer service when you buy from them. 
  1. Saint Tracy’s

This jewelry brand is tilted towards bridal jewelries. It is a perfect place in Nigeria to buy your perfect rings for wedding proposal and engagement rings. They sell quality and durable high end jewelries.  The brand has a variety of designs customers can choose from. The employees at Saint Tracy are courteous and the overall customer service at the store is top notch. Also, the store provides free delivery service on their products. You can shop for their high quality beautiful wedding and engagement Rings in Lagos (Lekki and Ikeja), Port Harcourt and Abuja. 
  1. Eternal Circles

Eternal Circles is one of the top jewelry brands in Nigeria. It is a great place for jewelry enthusiast to shop. You can find different types of gold from the yellow to the white gold, you’ll certainly find a lot to choose from at Eternal Circles.
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You can visit the store which is located at the Riggz Plaza in Omole or you can do your jewelry shopping online by visiting Eternal Circles’ online store.  


Shopping for jewelries in Nigeria can either be done offline or online. The jewelry stores in Nigeria have good customer relationship. You can be a dropshipper to some of these jewelry stores or buy from them and own your little collection.

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This article was first published on 21st June 2022


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