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  The Nigerian fashion scene is no doubt a force to reckon with. Yearly, there is an increment of new talented fashion designers. These designers have found a balance in the creation of their styles. They mix our indigenous fabric and styles with western ideas.  
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In Nigeria, people can now buy great fashion items without buying them from outside the country. This feat is undeniably a great achievement.  Prominent fashion designers are not only found in Lagos. There are a healthy amount of fashion designers all over Nigeria. You don’t have to go to Lagos before buying fashion masterpieces. Few of the fashion brands in Abuja are: 
  1. Style Temple

Style Temple was founded by Ogugua Okonkwo. She graduated from the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka where she studied Medical Lab Science.
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Her fashion brand was established in 2012; it is a womenswear brand. She trained as an intern and worked as an associate designer in Barris Couture. The fashion brand is one of the most prestigious fashion houses in Abuja. They have designed and styled prominent people in society. The brand is not only recognized in Nigeria but beyond the shores of Africa. Style Temple is a fashion brand that consists of ready-to-wear elegant female dresses. The brand pays attention to the female figure, therefore their outfits accentuate and compliment the wearer’s figure.
  1. Hudayya Bridal Emporium

This fashion brand was founded by  Fadoul Abacha. She is the wife of one of the sons of Late Sanni Abacha. Fadoul Abacha studied Microbiology at the University of Abuja, Abuja. The brand was created in 2012. Before creating her fashion brand, she decided that she was not going to look for any white-collar job. Therefore, she went into interior design. Soon, she discovered that it was not her passion. She then went to Dubai to study fashion design before launching her fashion brand. Hudayya Bridal Emporium is a great place to shop for brides who want to look their best on their big day. The brand owns luxurious and elegant bridal designs. Fadoul created masterpieces other fashion designers were scared to attempt. Her dresses show complex and detailed designs that make the bride stand out. 
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Aside from bridal pieces, the brand also has other elegant womenswear. Being a unique brand, it has attracted prominent Nigerian female celebrities like Zahra Buhari, Genevieve Nnaji, Dija, and others.
  1. Vodi Tailors

Vodi Tailors-Home| Facebook
Vodi Tailors was founded by Seyi Adekunle in 2001. Seyi has a bachelor’s degree in Geology from the University of Maiduguri. Vodi Tailors is one of the biggest fashion houses in Africa. Seyi started his journey as a fashion designer sewing and selling boxers and shirts under the name Testimony fabrics. In 2003, he decided to change his brand name to something short and a name that depicts Africa. He then came up with Vodi Tailors. Vodi means beauty. Seyi who started as a young fashion entrepreneur has grown to become of the biggest shots in the Nigerian fashion industry. He majors in menswear and kids’ wear ranging from suits to kaftans, overalls, jumpers, and even customized badges and crests.


These fashion designers started by learning the skill. Then, proceeded to build an exquisite fashion brand for themselves. You can be one of the biggest shots in the industry if you are consistent and passionate.


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This article was first published on 16th June 2022


My name is Agbagba Bukola. I write about the business and exciting world of fashion.

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