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When you want to upgrade your look, one of the essential things you need is a reliable beauty product that keeps your skin well-conditioned and beautiful.

UberChic Ville

This beauty brand was birthed in 2012, and has released a wide range of unique and affordable fashion accessories for the chic and savvy woman. They re-launched in December 2016 to include products that won’t have one emptying their bank accounts to purchase, while still providing the aesthetics desired. Not only does UberChic Ville have the best range in beauty products created with lots of thought and love, but it also offers chic fashion finds. You will discover that all their products meet quality beauty and health standards to ensure you have the very best of a fabulous looking self.  

Yanga Beauty

Yanga Beauty is one of the relatively new Nigerian brands in the beauty scene but is fast becoming a favorite. The brand helps women boost their self-confidence by providing a wholesome beauty experience and shopping satisfaction, offering very unique products with exceptional quality. Ever heard of Browlution? Well, it’s all thanks to their very own eyebrow product called Browlution. Yanga Beauty is also an online and in-store beauty marketplace where indigenous cosmetics products are retailed, and a variety of beauty services are offered.

Trim and Prissy cosmetics

This beauty brand was born out of the need for a high quality, indigenous makeup line for classy women who want to stand out from the crowd. The Trim and Prissy woman opts for natural-looking makeup instead of the artificial makeup look publicized in this era. With an array of products to choose from of highly formulated pigmented triple-milled powders, to a wide selection of bold and powerful colors, there is something for everyone. Trim and Prissy is essentially a lifestyle brand for ladies who love to look good and enhance their natural beauty with makeup, all while ensuring the skin underneath remains healthy.  

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This article was first published on 22nd March 2018


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