Today, Christians in almost every part of the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ who according to Bible teachings was born to bring redemption to a sinful world. Today, December 25, 2020, is Christmas Day, and you will all agree with me that it is a privilege to be alive to witness the celebration of Jesus’ birthday for this year despite the threats to our lives in the course of the year, ranging from a pandemic which caused a global lockdown, leading to hunger and economic instability, peaceful #EndSARS protests hijacked by hoodlums and saw many innocent Nigerians and security operatives lose their lives amongst other challenges.
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This year’s Christmas celebration is much more different from what we are used to because of the pandemic. However, we will not fail to celebrate the birth of Christ because of a pandemic, there are things or activities that can light up our day and put us in the perfect Christmas mood.

Attend Christmas Church Service

Attending a Christmas service in church is a perfect way to kick-start your Christmas celebration. If not for anything, it affords you the opportunity to remain aware of the reason for the season. What comes to the mind of many people when Christmas is mentioned are mostly related to eating delicious dishes, partying, and more, but starting your day in Church reminds you of the fact that Christ is the reason for today because Priests during their Christmas sermons reflect on this, and urge followers to celebrate according to Christian teachings.

Personal Spiritual Reflection

Aside from being in church today, you need to reflect on your spiritual life and do a self-evaluation so that you will be back in line if you have fallen out of Christian practices which have caused you to sin against Christ that was sacrificed on your behalf. You equally get to make certain Christmas resolutions that you should revisit by December 25, 2021. Today is not all about wining and dining, there is a lot of personal evaluation to be done.
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Call Friends & Reach Out To Loved Ones

Daily work activities during the course of the year might have made us forget to reach out to friends and loved ones. Almost everybody is on holiday presently, use this time to call your friends, relatives, and loved ones, whether far or near. Show some care because we all live for each other until the day we bid mother earth goodbye.

Eat Something Delicious

This is Christmas, not your regular work or weekday, try to have something delicious for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Nigerians on this day are very much charitable with food, so you have little excuse to tell for not eating today. Also, endeavour to share meals with your neighbours so the love that comes with the birth of Christ can spread around. I am sure you do not want to have a Christmas of hungry faces.

Go On A City Tour

Under strict COVID-19 rules, you can go out or take your family on a city tour just to watch Christmas decorations, take snapshots for the sake of memory, and admonish how beautiful your city looks like. Put on your face mask alongside family members or friends, and ensure you do not disobey health protocols. So from all of us here at, we wish all Nigerians a Merry Christmas celebration.
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This article was first published on 25th December 2020


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