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Business Growth Tips: How To Finish Your Business Year On A High


It’s just a matter of a few weeks before the year ends. If you run a business, you’ll want to wrap things up on a strong note. This will make you feel good about all the effort you’ve put in throughout the year, and set things up pretty nicely for the next twelve months.

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But how do you make this happen? How do you finish on a high, even when things haven’t gone that well this year?

The answer to these questions may depend on the specific situation of your enterprise; there’s no one-size-fits-all response for every business.

But there are general steps you could follow to make your business do well at the end of the year. We’ll run through some of those steps below.

Review What You Have Achieved So Far

What counts as a successful end to a business year may partly depend on what you’ve achieved in the previous months. If they’ve gone quite well, you may up the tempo just a bit, or even keep things steady. But if the year hasn’t been particularly stellar, you’ll probably want to put in a fair bit of effort to salvage it.

Decide What You Can Get Done

This follows from the point above. When you have determined how well (or not so well) your year has gone, your next step should be to decide what wins you can achieve before it runs out.

If you have very little time left, you could simply focus on striking a few things off your to-do list just to motivate you as you go into the New Year. But if you find that there’s a decent amount of time on your hands, you could have more items on your to-do list and prepare yourself for a good burst of success before the year tapers out.

Hatch A Plan For Action

Once you’ve decided what things you can tackle before the year ends, you may draw up a plan for executing them. The plan should be both ambitious and realistic, based on the amount of time you have left and how much work you can get done.

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The goals you set for your business should be measurable; have some metrics by which you can track their progress and achievement. For example, if you aim for more sales than the past few months, be clear about exactly how many sales you’d want to record. Clarifying goals this way also helps you to define how much work or kind of effort you need to put in.

Delegate Tasks Across Your Team

If you work with a team, you’ll have to apportion the tasks you’ve planned to them. Let them know whose job it is to handle each aspect of the plan. By doling out responsibilities, you make your team a part of the mission to end the year on a high and know who to hold accountable for each task.

Tap Into The Christmas Spirit

There’s a lot you can get done by appealing to the feel-good atmosphere that comes with Christmas. Tap into the festive mood by offering gifts, rewards, and discounts to your customers. As word about your offerings spread, it’ll attract more buyers and boost your sales. If you ride this wave smartly enough, you’ll exit the year with a bang.

Wrap Up Outstanding Deals And Sales

If you have clients who haven’t paid up for the products and services you’ve delivered to them, now’s probably the time to push for those payments to be made. Make calls, write emails, send SMSs; do what you can to recover those outstanding fees.

Also, follow up on any backlog of leads you haven’t contacted for the second or third time, and do what you can to convert them (without coming across as aggressive).

Final Words

The end of the year is typically a time for you to take stock of what’s happened in the months before. But it could also present you with an opportunity to finish strong. The tips we’ve shared here should enable you to make that happen.

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