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5 Profitable Ways To Overcome Roadblocks


Encountering roadblocks are part of our everyday life. How we interpret it or face it determines if we are going to overcome it or not. Most often, many of us see roadblocks as a dead-end, rather than a hurdle. It all depends on what our mindsets make of roadblocks.

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Some people view it as a defeating hindrance, to some an obstacle that cannot be overcome, for others, it is a limitation that must be left alone, while for champions, it is a challenge they must overcome.

Your roadblocks can either inspire you or frustrate you – the choice is yours. While some whine about roadblocks, leaders find a way around it. As a personal development coach, I have put five sure-fire ways to overcome roadblocks.

  1. See Roadblock As An Opportunity To Grow And Develop

The easiest way to overcome roadblocks is to see them as an avenue to grow. According to Napoleon Hill, “the strongest men are built in the days of adversity.” You must realize that adversity doesn’t kill. What kills is if it remains unchallenged. The frustration of roadblocks lies in doing nothing about them. Roadblocks are an opportunity to learn new skills, whether professional or personal. When you see roadblocks as opportunities for growth, you will be better equipped to overcome future challenges.

  1. Rely On Your Creativity

Obstacles and roadblocks are avenues for relying on your creative power. The greatest inventions were birthed in the midst of obstacles and frustrations. Guess what? Everyone is creative. The most important thing is to look for what is available and work on it. Milk your ideas and resources, do soul-searching, and look for how you can use them. After you’ve committed to viewing the obstacle in a positive light, it will take creativity on your part to come up with another effective plan for reaching your goal.

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If the resources you had been using are no longer available to you, what other resources are at your disposal? Once you determine what resources are available to you, think creatively about how you can use them. Exercise your discipline and spend quality time thinking about the problem. Albert Einstein stated that his success relied on the quality time he spent on a problem.

  1. Seek Support From Smarter And Experienced People

In a time of trouble, smart people seek the help of smarter people. When you are faced with roadblocks, consult with your colleagues, family, peers, experts, and online forums. Read books, industry magazines, and journals, listen to podcasts, and talk to your parents. Whether it is a major or minor roadblock, seeking the advice of others is the best way to overcome roadblocks. Look out for those who have faced and overcome similar situations.

  1. Negotiate Where Possible

Several roadblocks are artificial problems created by you or someone else. For example, if there is a government policy that will affect your business, explore every room for negotiation. The policy might stand, but through negotiation, you can buy time and seek a way to navigate through the problem. Furthermore, it could be a problem in your workplace, maybe a co-worker; it is expedient to talk it over with the person. Know what is on that person’s mind and see where you can reach a common ground.

  1. Put Up A Positive Spirit

While facing roadblocks, it is important to note that your countenance matters. Don’t be discouraged when solutions are not forthcoming. Facing negative situations requires a positive spirit. If you notice you are feeling some sort of discouragement, or you are being overwhelmed, listen to encouraging podcasts, read motivational books, and simply find a counsellor that will walk you through the tough period.

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Nnaemeka is an academic scholar with a degree in History and International Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is also a creative writer, content creator, storyteller, and social analyst.

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