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Nigeria’s Chris Anyaduba Appointed Director At Climate Clock New York


High profile Nigerian Sustainable Development Goals advocate Chuks Anyaduba has been appointed by leading global climate change organization Climate Clock New York as its Country Director for Projects and Partnerships.

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Chuks Anyanduba’s appointment was confirmed in a letter signed by Andrew Boyd and Gan Golan, the Co-Founder and CEO of Climate Clock.

The letter reads:

“We are honoured by your participation as an influencer, connector and producer and we appreciate your willingness to serve in such an essential role at such a decisive moment in history. The goal of Climate Clock is to amplify this core message and mission: the world has a single Deadline – a critical time window left to avert the worst impacts of Climate Change – yet many Lifelines still exist – solution pathways are still available if government and industries are willing to #ActInTime.’’

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At Union Square New York City, USA, Climate Clock has a Monumental 80-Foot Clock that shows the lifeline for renewable energy counting down from 7 years with a strong emphasis on the need to reduce carbon emissions quickly.

Anyaduba’s new role will see him promote partnerships and collaborations geared towards advancing the campaign for climate change in Nigeria. It is great to see Nigerians like Chris Anyaduba working as global actors as the world confronts the threat of climate change.


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