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Exposition Into Financial Technology


There is no time such as now that there is a rave in technology, with unseen impact in every aspect of our lives. Therefore, it is paramount that fintech is demystified so everyone partakes of the opportunities embedded within.

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What is Fintech?

Fintech marries two words we individually like into one – financial technology. It is an intelligently modified means of simplifying monetary transactions or organizations. This is the fundamental scope of this sector. Fintech is an integral part of many businesses and consumers’ daily lives, for better management and efficient “bookkeeping” of expenditure and profits, by employing software akin to that function.

Financial technology development was used to differentiate the emerging companies from established ones in their earlier days. Now, fintech is an “every man’s” cup of tea and has more sectors to take care of than just financial or investment management.

The Scope of Fintech

Financial technology covers all forms of internet transactions; the accessibility to mobile banking apps enables faster financial transactions like money transfers, easier loan applications, payment of utility bills, deposition of checks and many more possibilities within the palm of your hands; the use of digital currencies and accountable bookkeeping records that are implementable in not just banking industries or trading firms, but the day-to-day consumer operations too.

All of these activities used to require long and strenuous tons of paperwork and days to your age before they are completed, fintech is now developed to a point that a third person is not even required.

The EY’s 2017 Fintech Adoption Index estimated that a third of the consumer population used at least two or more fintech services and also grew progressively in their knowledge of fintech every day.

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Opportunities in Fintech

The cryptocurrency trade, a sector under fintech, has become the order and headliner of our social media news, but that is only the tip of the iceberg when compared with the massive influx made from traditional banking industries.

Fintech has developed to become a mother wing capable of housing so many possibilities; every aspect of our lives is being enhanced by this technology, and people find opportunities in retail banking, fundraising, education, nonprofit organizations, cryptocurrencies – all of which have so many facets of their own. The haul is endless.

A Threat to Livelihood

The latest and most popular of fintech projects target the existential means of livelihood of local financial service providers, as they relieve them of their initial duty by capitalizing on productive and economic means of providing better service, which would most likely require less personnel or need a different set of personnel based on qualification.

It is difficult to not see the reason for the traditional service providers’ rage but fintech is a product of general economic growth and easier consumer accessibility.


The Fintech industry will impact more sectors than we know. It will move to include healthcare, insurance, education among others. It will revolutionize the operation of many systems, and the winners in this era will be those who have successfully harnessed the opportunities in Fintech.

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