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Travel Tips: Dos And Don’ts For Your First Trip As A Couple


During this period, a lot of couples will tie the knot and plan their first trip as a couple for their honeymoon. We can’t stress enough how big a deal this is. The ember periods are the busiest periods for travellers.

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This adds its own pressures to planning a vacation for veteran travellers, not to mention first-timers. So, to simplify what you need to know when planning your trip, we have compiled a list of dos and don’ts. They are:


  1. Discuss Your Expectations For The Trip

Plan thoroughly to avoid misunderstanding. Discuss your expectation on activities you intend to take part in on the trip. Is it an adventure trip or is relaxing the focus? Would you both take a canopy walk, go hiking, kayaking or zip lining? If you plan to try something new, talk about it. Discuss the cities you would love to visit and the budget for the trip. Decide who pays for what and how to raise the money for the trip. Share responsibilities and discuss eventualities. If you plan to put pictures up on social media, talk about them before the trip and decide when and how much to share. And if you plan to disconnect from the world, both of you should be on the same page about that, too. Whatever you expect for the trip, discuss it extensively before concretizing your travel plans.

  1. Plan For Food/Meal Times

Plan what and where you intend to eat during the trip. This way, when you get to a food court in a mall, you won’t wander aimlessly trying to decide what to eat. If you join a group package that offers only one meal, you need to pack other edible items with you. Even if you are sure of three square meals, still carry other things you can eat with you. Just in case you stay up longer than intended and get hungry at an odd time when meals are scarce. Pack food for the road and for the time you are on vacation.

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  1. Don’t Go Camping On Your First Trip

Outdoor activities are fun but best left for subsequent trips together. Camping, in particular, comes with its own risks. It is best not to venture into nature when you are still discovering yourselves. You might not be ready for the level of physical intimacy and lack of personal space such experience brings. The same applies to long road trips and long-distance travel trips.

  1. Don’t Demand Too Much From Each Other

Having high expectations of your partner is something extensive discussion before the trip can solve. You may not know how your partner will react in certain unfamiliar situations. Travelling brings out a distinct part of you. For instance, finding the courage to climb to the top of Olumo rock or learning a new skill from trying new activities like weaving a basket in a crafts market. Prepare yourself to see that new side of either yourself or your partner and accept it. Don’t sulk about it or make a big deal out of the fact that they acted differently during the trip than they would when you both were in your comfort zones at home.

  1. Don’t Go Out Drinking

Avoid drinking alcohol in public. You might think you know your limit and you might be wrong. Drinking in public may end up embarrassing your partner. Also, if you can’t predict how your partner reacts to alcohol, then it is best to avoid it. Don’t allow yourself to get tempted to take alcoholic wines here and there. Not only will it add to your bills, getting high/tipsy is an unnecessary experience for a first trip together.

Now you know. There is nothing to be scared about. I’m sure your first trip will be more of a hit than a miss. Relax and enjoy not only the journey to your chosen destination but also your happily ever after.

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