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5 Ways To Employ Tesla & Space X Model Towards Building A Sustainable And Profitable Company


Potentially great companies often look up to more powerful companies and emulate their business models, team culture, and style of leadership to upscale their own companies. As a business analyst with roughly five years of studying world-class companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Tesla, Oracle, Apple, Alibaba, and many others, I have discovered that these companies thrive on models and cultures.

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Sometimes, there seem to be similar ideologies that govern their operations. These companies are the most innovative, the most driven to solve problems, the most intense on employing talents and innovators, the craziest to win the approval of the world, and the most motivated by employing the right company culture and so on.

In this article, my goal is to show business leaders and company CEOs and founders what makes Tesla and Space X the most innovative and profitable companies in the 21st Century under the leadership of Elon Musk. I am here to share with you my seven-year experience of observing and studying Elon Musk’s Tesla and Space X.

Practice Hero Culture

If you want to build a profitable and sustainable company, it starts with you. Successful or unsuccessful companies begin with the CEO, his mindsets and habits. The secret behind the big companies is the man at the helm of affairs.

Big company CEOs see themselves as heroes. Therefore, in order to thrive, you must see yourself as a hero who wants to either save the world from destroying itself or solve the world’s biggest problems. You must think of yourself as the man the world has been waiting for, a kind of superman or wonder woman.

You mustn’t see your products or services as ordinary, you must see them as a necessity for human survival. When you think of your product this way, you’ll be driven to pour all your soul into your product or service. When you cast yourself as a hero, taking heroic steps, you will be looked upon as one, and your personal brand will rise alongside your charisma.

Build Your Company Around Your Life Mission And Vision

Elon Musk’s companies are built around his life mission, which is, first, to create clean earth, which he is doing through his Tesla electric cars, which doesn’t work with fossil fuels that pollute the earth.

Secondly, his vision of building a human colony on planet Mars is encapsulated in his company, Space X. His aim for attempting to build a human colony on Mars and building electric cars is to preserve the earth from the destruction that is done through human activities of pollution. When your company is built on an ideal vision, you will give your all to see it manifest.

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Thirdly, your focus will be narrowed and you know what you want and how you intend to achieve it. When you have a laser-focused mission, you can easily know those to employ or weed out.

Have Believers Rather Than Just Investors.

Elon Musk’s investors are believers in what he does. Elon Musk wants to explore space with his Space X so that there can be dual existence of the human race. The goal is to depopulate the earth’s most popular spaces. This depopulation of the earth will create a cleaner and healthier earth. Further, his Tesla Company, which creates electric automobiles, will also contribute to combating climate change, as his cars would rely on electricity rather than fossil fuels that pollute the earth.

Elon Musk’s call to make the world a better place has provoked inspiration, admiration and love among government officials, investors and ordinary people. Investors believe in his dream and are therefore, investing in his companies. So, don’t be on the lookout for just investors, look out for believers. However, your company’s mission must be ideal enough to provoke believers who are willing to throw in their money, as well as to be able to generate more money. Therefore, have believers, because they rarely quit; they are not just there for the profits, they are there to make history.

Have An Innovative Team

Tesla and Space X are driven by a team of innovators. Therefore, as a business leader, be on the lookout for innovators. Don’t just be carried away by college degrees when employing workers. Look out for skillful people, achievers, learners, and go-getters. Look out for people better than you. Don’t be the smartest in the room. Surround yourself with the best. Let your team be a blend of the old and new generation; that is, having people with experience and those who are new, but forward-thinking. In your team, have a blend of both old professionals and young tech savvies.

Have An Evangelizing Fan base.

Tesla and Space X have grown in leaps and bounds because customers have been transformed into fans. Tesla and Space X have thrived on the activities of praise singers, who are optimistic about a better world. The fans are fanatical about Tesla products and the giant strides of Space X, because they believe it is the future. On the other hand, Elon Musk is always giving his fans reasons to be excited, because he always gives them sneak-peeks into Tesla’s latest innovations. Therefore, learn to lead Elon Musk’s way.

Featured Image Source: Bloomberg

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Nnaemeka is an academic scholar with a degree in History and International Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is also a creative writer, content creator, storyteller, and social analyst.

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