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Tips On How To Rebrand Your Business


To rebrand a business is to change or modify specific aspects of the business, such as the logo, brand colours, brand name, packaging and others. Over the years, several businesses have rebranded successfully. Their reasons, most times, are to give their customers more value, enhance their experiences with the products, make products more interesting and optimized in functionality, or simply to make their customers happier as they engage with their businesses.

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Rebranding is an exciting venture. However, it could be overwhelming, especially for businesses that want to change significant areas such as the brand name. It will take resources and reliable marketing expertise to retain customers and garner more prospects. In this article, we will look at achievable steps to follow to help you carry out the painstaking task of rebranding your business.

  • Know The Reason

As earlier mentioned, businesses rebrand for different reasons. You have to understand exactly why you are considering a rebrand. A rebrand can be product-based or customer/user-based. In terms of product-based, you are simply interested in making your website, app, social media pages or packaging more beautiful. On the other hand, a user-based rebrand is mostly based on reviews from customers to optimize product function or make the brand more reliable, so they know there’s a face behind it. Whichever case, you should not just go ahead to rebrand without thinking it through. Know what you’re rebranding for and if you even need to rebrand in the first place.

  • Find The Right Team

Rebranding takes a lot of time, energy and resources. You wouldn’t want to waste any of these by working with the wrong set of people. Identify your brand team – a set of people with the required skills and expertise to successfully carry out a rebrand. It is either you work with your in-house team or you employ the services of a reliable brand agency. The goal is to bring your rebrand idea to life.

  • Do A Market/Competitive Analysis

Rebranding is definitely not for satisfying your needs and curiosity. It is serious business, so treat it as such. There is a reason you are in business in the first place. The reason is to satisfy your customers. This means that your rebrand strategy and goals should work towards meeting that need. Communicate effectively with your customers and ensure your decision suits them as well. Also, consider your rebrand in relation to other brands. Analyze your competition – their brand names, logos and general outlook. This will give you an insight as to what you can smartly copy and improve upon. So, take advantage of this.

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  • Do A Brand Audit

While you’re looking at other brands and making your assessments, you will have to look inwards. Do an internal audit of your brand. Ascertain what is working and what is not. Check the aspects of your brand that need to be optimized and others that just need to remain the same. Ensure you have your team with you on this, as you will be determining the state of your brand and what lies ahead.

  • Evaluate Your Brand Message

What message does your brand pass across to the world? Before you even answer this question, you should know the essence of your brand, as that will reflect in the message you will be passing across. Your brand essence includes your purpose (why you exist), your vision (where you see your business in the future), your mission (how you will get to that future) and your core values (how you operate). Once you have done this, you can now determine how you’ll communicate this essence to your customers. This includes your tagline, tone and messaging pillars.

Design Your Visual Identity

This is where you get to design your new logo and create your unique brand colours, typography, design templates and brand guidelines, which will document the visual aspect of your business. When this is properly outlined. You can go ahead to launch your rebranded business and make sure to effectively communicate it to the world.

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