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7 Laws Of Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is just like every other phenomenon that works based on principles. They can be applied to any kind of business, to achieve similar results. Here are 10 different, applicable social media marketing laws that can begin to yield results and change your marketing game almost immediately.

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  1. The Law of Focus: The attention span of human beings generally has become limited, so in order to get their attention, your social media content must be streamlined to represent exactly what you would like to be remembered and noted for.
  2. The Law of Listening: This is otherwise called feedback. This principle ensures that you give your audience the avenue to reach out to you with feedback and suggestions on your business operations. Your audience should always feel heard and listened to.
  3. The Law of Influence: You can only market successfully to people you can easily exert influence. If you cannot successfully convince your followers to take a particular line of action, then believing that they will give out money to you is a bit of a stretch. Your measure of influence over your followers begin with the very least things, and they will commit more as you earn their trust.
  4. The Law of Reciprocity: You do unto others what you want them to do to you. If you desire to increase in engagement, audience and income, be ready to do same for others. Take the lead and engage with the content of people you resonate with and in time, watch how they do same to you.

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  1. The Law of Value: Everyone has a problem that they need solving. The world never runs out of problems. You are valuable to the degree you connect people to the solution of their problems, or help them in solving them.
  2. The Law of Growth: Nothing great happens overnight. Social media success is always a compendium of a track record of patience and faithfulness. Your audience connects the most with you when they can relate to your story. Share and publicize your journey to success and learning areas of growth for the benefit of your community.
  3. The Law of Acknowledgement: Communicate and share your wins. Wins are relative, and it might not seem a big deal to someone else, but as soon as you hit any milestone or achieve what you consider to be a feat, celebrate your win and communicate it. It encourages your audience to reach out for more than they currently have when they can visibly identify a model.

All these laws are great contributory factors to a successful social media marketing goal. Your success on social media platforms is dependent on your ability to connect with your audience and persuade them to your line of thoughts. Once you can access their thoughts and mind, you can influence their buying decisions, recommendations and lifestyle expenses. Study more on these laws and apply each of them continually for great business impact.

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