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Brands We Love: Ginger And Spice


For many working people in Lagos, there’s not enough time to have breakfast at home. They set out for their offices before sunrise, and arrive just in time for the start of the business day. A morning meal may be out of the picture unless they’re able to order it from a food vendor.

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While there’s no shortage of food delivery outfits meeting this need, finding one that consistently provides decent edibles can sometimes be a challenge.

Ginger and Spice positions itself as a brand that supplies sumptuous breakfast and lunch to Lagos’s army of employees and business owners. They deliver an array of meals, each catering to the wide-ranging tastes of their customers.

Operating out of the Maryland area of the city, Ginger and Spice offer sizeable food packs and trays, designed for one or more hungry purchasers. However, there’s no physical store; the company runs a delivery-only service, which covers many of the major business and residential districts on the mainland.

The breakfast packages from Ginger and Spice include pancakes, waffles, French toast, each served with eggs, sausages, and syrup; potatoes tossed in garlic, and served with egg sauce and sausages; toast sandwich; and breakfast sandwich.

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There’s also an assortment of pasta preparations available from them: stir-fry pasta, stir-fry noodles, Jollof spaghetti, spaghetti Bolognese, pasta Carbonara, shrimp pasta, and shrimp Alfredo pasta. These meals may be served with extras ranging from turkey and chicken to bacon and plantain.

If you’d like to see a sampling of what’s on offer from Ginger and Spice, you’ll find that on its Instagram page. It displays regular contents of its food trays, its breakfast and lunch menus, soup bowls, and menus for special days. There’s also a short FAQ and reviews from people who have patronized it.

Ginger and Spice provides food packages for special events too, including Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Orders for sizeable groups may be discussed with them before fulfilment.

The company is open from Mondays to Saturdays. Breakfasts are sent out at about 9 AM, and lunch by 12:30 PM. Customers who intend to order meals from them can do so via the contact details available on their Instagram page.

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