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Brands We Love: Jide Taiwo & Co


Jide Taiwo and Co is a real estate surveyor and valuation company headquartered in Lagos. It delivers a range of services within the real estate value chain, including the valuation of property and assets, and the purchase, sale, letting, and leasing of property on behalf of its clients.

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Founded in 1980 by Chief Jide Taiwo, it was incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission in the same year. Jide Taiwo, now retired, is a Senior Partner at the firm, and has a B.Sc in Real Estate Management which he obtained in 1975. He is also a fellow of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV).

In the years since its founding, Jide Taiwo and Co have grown to become a leading surveyor and valuation company in Nigeria. Its team currently consists of more than 200 personnel and has a combined professional experience of over 2,000 years.

The firm undertakes property valuation assessments for its client’s properties for several purposes, including mortgage insurance, rating, privatization, accounting and financial reports, mergers and acquisitions, and property rental, purchase, or sale.

Jide Taiwo and Co also take on valuation assignments for such things as marine, aviation, and rail lines, as well as master-planned city projects. Its valuation competencies span a vast collection of industries and a broad set of property types.

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Clients who want to let, buy, or lease property can have these things done on their behalf by Jide Taiwo and Co. The company acquires and sells residential buildings, commercial and industrial facilities, leisure spaces, and agricultural land for clients. These agency services can be sought at the more than 20 locations in which it has a presence.

Facility management services are available as well. Jide Taiwo and Co take care of property portfolios, source and secures corporate and public sector tenants for vacant properties, and negotiates and collects rents, all on its clients’ behalf. It also conducts maintenance and repair on the sites that it manages.

The process of putting up new residential and commercial structures can be challenging. There are multiple things to worry about, from designing layouts to constructing buildings. Jide Taiwo and Co cover all aspects of a typical real estate project. Its team of architects, quantity surveyors, land surveyors, structural engineers, lawyers, and financial consultants work to ensure the completion of client’s real estate projects.

For over forty years, Jide Taiwo and Co have built their reputation as a top player in Nigeria’s real estate industry. But there’s enough room within the industry for it to grow even further. It could be a much bigger brand in the years and decades to come.

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