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Brands We Love: Sun Group


Sun Group is a conglomerate with production and distribution interests spanning multiple industries. It has been operational for five decades and has served a large segment of the Nigerian populace with its products.

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The group has subdivisions functioning as companies in areas like plastic, steel, and paper manufacturing; Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), building materials, frozen fish, and small home appliances; and in the tyre service and refrigeration transport services niches.

Sun Group was established in 1970. For most of its first decade, it was involved in the general trading of FMCG products and textiles. It ventured into paper-trading in the 1980s and added plastic manufacturing to its fold in 1991. By 2000, it had added a second, Lagos-based plastic factory to its growing list of operational facilities.

In 2004, Sun Group began its chemical trading business. A decade later, it merged its existing plastic manufacturing units into one facility in Ogun State. Later in the 2000s, it moved into the fish and steel businesses.

Today, the Sun Group is involved in ten diverse enterprises, with a physical presence in nine locations across Nigeria. It has more than 650 employees, and over 10,000 direct customers nationwide.

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The conglomerate’s FMCG division functions under the brand name ‘Nison’. Products traded by this unit include biscuits, confectionery, snacks, sweets, drinks, and baby food. It also sells non-edible items like health and beauty, laundry, and household products.

Its plastic manufacturing concerns are represented by two companies—Bright Products Limited, and Sunplast Industries Limited. They make plastic basins, baskets, bowls, chairs, and tables, as well as food containers. These items are distributed through sales depots in several cities: Lagos, Ibadan, Kano, Onitsha, and Port Harcourt.

Solem Agro Ventures covers the Sun Group’s fishery business. It supplies fishes ranging from Mackerel and Sardinella to Croaker and Herring, through its cold storage facilities as well as a large distribution network.

Buildgen is the Sun Group’s building materials division. It offers an array of building materials, including fencing, doors, hardboard, float glass sheets, PVC and gypsum ceiling panels, and wood products. There’s also a paper and paper packaging segment, which provides an assortment of paper and materials for the packaging industry.

Sun Group’s growth is indicative of considerable demand for the items it makes and sells. It could expand even further in the coming years, as that demand stretches with Nigeria’s increasing population.

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