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Social Media Influencer Of The Week: Alhaji Beardless Smallie (Smithie)


One great way to stand out on social media is being unique or putting a twist on what’s very popular. However, this is easier said than done. Given the competitiveness of most social media platforms, it may seem as though people have created all the content there is to create.

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For instance, Twitter is a platform that is mainly about global trends that range from music to politics, to sports, and much more. The platform is highly competitive because of how easy it is to jump on the latest trends, so it is harder to stand out compared to other channels.

However, several individuals have managed to stand out on Twitter by putting a twist on popular trends. One of such individuals is Alhaji Beardless Smallie. If you want to bypass calling that long name, you can simply call him by his username, Smithie.

Smithie has fast become a household name on Twitter thanks to his Tweets that come with a creative spin. Instead of generic posts about trends and happenings, Smithie tweets like a journalist about trivial subjects. This makes his tweets not only interesting but humorous as well. He presents the tweets in such a way that if you missed out on some details on a particular trend, you’ll get the full gist.

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Many of Smithie’s followers refer to him as “CNN” due to how well he describes popular trends. If you’re looking for a Twitter page that will keep you abreast of all the details of the latest trends, Smithie’s page is the one to follow.

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