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Online or Digital Marketing has become the crux of marketing in our time. This is due to the high level of digitization – so many things getting done by a smartphone/PC and internet connection. Since businesses have been taken online, it is only wise that marketing those businesses be done online also.

A major part of online marketing is social media marketing. These days, everyone is scrolling through their social media pages, connecting with people and having fun. However, as a business owner, you can jump into the already existing social media traffic and make yourself known.

Inasmuch as social media marketing is taking the centre stage in marketing, some business people do not really know how to go about it. Here are few tips that can help you put your house together.

  • Build A Community For Your Audience

We are aware of people creating physical communities where people come together to interact and share ideas. It is possible to create a social media community. It is called ‘social media’ because it is meant to connect people and allow them to have a social online life. As a business owner, you should work on creating a community around your business.

I believe it is the first step to selling anything to them. Imagine you get into a party and start advertising your business in the heart of a jam with people drinking and dancing. That isn’t sensible. You will, first of all, want to make friends, connect with people and then share your business card or probably introduce your business to them. It is the same thing on social media.

Don’t just jump right in and start selling your product/service. Build a community. Make your posts engaging and encourage interaction with your followers. Your followers don’t want to perceive you as a robot, but as a human figure that cares about their needs and wants to genuinely connect with them.

Regularly engage in getting opinion polls, sharing insightful content, liking their own posts and giveaways (if possible). This will really help. This can be done on your Facebook fan page, Instagram page, etc.

  • Host Live Broadcasts

Facebook and Instagram Live have made it so much easier for people to connect with their audience. You should leverage that. Occasionally host live shows where you can tell the story behind your brand. It can also be about simply sharing insights on different issues connected or unconnected to your business. This will make your audience know that your business name and account is not just a money generating machine but has a human face. You can spice things up by co-hosting programs with experts and people you know you can get to help your brand gain more visibility.

  • Invest In Content Marketing

In this case, we can say that content is king. In every social media marketing process, the major thing to look out for is the content. After all, that is what your followers/visitors come for when they land on your social media pages. Invest smartly in producing quality and relevant visual, written, audio and graphic content. Depending on the social media platform and the niche of your business, you should know how to appropriate content. One thing that can be of great help in drafting a content calendar. This will help you schedule your content, making it a lot easier to navigate. Create engaging written content on platforms like Facebook and Twitter where writeups are more valued. Also, create quality visual content for other platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Your audience will be glad you did.

These few tips will definitely go a long way to helping you set up your social media marketing game. Implement them as much as possible and see your business gain more visibility on the online social space.

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Chidiogo Shalom Akaelu holds a degree in English and Literary Studies, from the University of Nigeria. She is a freelance writer, editor and founder of Loana Press, a budding online publishing outlet.

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