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Social Media Marketing Tips For SMEs


Small and medium scale enterprises around the world especially in Nigeria face the challenge of marketing; struggling to find the right way to engage social media tools in the expansion of their business. This is understandable especially in Nigeria, taking into consideration the fact that the presence of social media is barely two decades old. Social media tools are handled with timid gloves because it is not fully understood.

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Looking at the successes of other small businesses around the world that was achieved with the assistance of social media, many SMEs have come to the conclusion that social media tools are important. It is in this light that this article would list three top tips for social media marketing for small media enterprises.

  1. Evaluate The Right Platform

The presence of so many social media platforms can be overwhelming. This is especially so when each social media platforms offer different types of advantage. Instagram is mainly a photo sharing app but it encourages users to do videos, Facebook is mainly a prose publishing app but it encourages users to share pictures. Each platform has the unique value that it offers to users and this is why every marketer should first understand what works best for the brand message as not all businesses need all social media platforms.

  1. Engage The Followers

In addition to posting consistently, it is important to engage your followers in a way that each post can be applied to their lives. Followers should not be made to feel like they are only consuming boring content but should be able to connect with the brand or business. Whatever platform the marketer chooses must be able to achieve that goal. Engaging with followers helps them know that they mean something to the brand and business and that they are contributors to a larger community.

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  1. Give Action Points

While social media acts as a valve that gathers followers from all walks of life, it is important that the social media platform used for the business re-directs followers to a business page or website where they can either purchase products or pay for services.

Social media pages are not to recycle followers but to give action points that it is meant to build a brand. Most marketers forget this important aspect so they gain followers and lose customers. Social media marketers should put in mind that every single link or post or content is directing the follower or viewer to an action point that leads to a higher content.

That been said, every marketer has the liberty to play around with each platform to see what is best for the business. It is important for marketers to take a walk around the park and be cool with different tools to see what can deliver the best feedback to the business. Always remember that the business is the priority and while followers are great, authentic and reliable customers that can support the brand is the goal.

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