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Social Media Influencer Of The Week: Sabi Doctor 

Health is a complicated subject. It can be difficult knowing what steps to take to stay healthy or the right course of action to treat an ailment. This is the reason why many people search Google and experience anxiety when they don’t find any tangible* answers concerning their symptoms.

To enable people to better understand their health, it is important for health information to be easily accessible and expressed in simple terms. This is what medical doctor and educator Sabi Doctor has emerged to achieve.

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With an active Instagram page with over 100,000 followers, Sabi Doctor has succeeded in reaching his audience with short simple entertaining health nuggets that leave them with more health knowledge than they came. His approach is simple: he posts a short video where he talks about a health condition, simplifies it, and uses humour to entertain listeners.

One look at his page and you immediately come across different medical terms which may confuse the average viewer. However, clicking on those videos clears all doubt and confusion once you hear how Sabi Doctor explains these terms.

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Another attribute that has made Sabi Doctor stand out from other influencers is his use of social media to promote Medicine and Health Education, professions that would otherwise be considered too serious for social media. His use of a stethoscope and medic uniform immediately sends the message that he is a medical doctor. This also piques the curiosity of the viewer because it is not typical for medical doctors to reach their audience using social media.

Follow Sabi Doctor on Instagram and learn interesting facts about your health by clicking on the link.

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