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Real estate companies in Nigeria are legion. If you are prospecting for property, you’ll find that there are numerous options you can choose from. They range from small and upcoming real estate dealers and developers, to large companies that have become household names in the industry.

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One company in the latter category is PropertyLink. The company offers multiple services in the real estate domain, from construction and design to property sales, rentals, and development. Over the years, it’s grown to become a leading name in Nigerian real estate, thanks to the work it’s done with its numerous clients.

PropertyLink is also active elsewhere in the world, especially in countries where there’s a sizeable Nigerian community. Its presence abroad enables it to engage with the Nigerian diaspora, who form a major segment of the real estate buyer population.

Back in Nigeria, PropertyLink serves a diverse clientele, including individuals, cooperatives, companies, and the government. Its real estate brokerage, development, and management services are available to an expanding base of real estate investors, prospective homeowners, and commercial interests.

The company has a team of architects, engineers, and land surveyors, who work on the design of building projects, construction, and the processing of survey plans for landed property. It also renovates buildings, subject to terms it agrees with its clients.

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Gilgal Homes, a subsidiary of PropertyLink helps real estate investors with property management services and securing and retaining tenancies. Gilgal Homes manages retail units, offices, industrial buildings and logistics, and commercial and residential properties.

Its property sales service encompasses the whole process of engaging prospective buyers until they purchase its properties. This includes taking potential clients on a tour of available property, price negotiations, and deal completion. Gilgal Homes also helps other real estate investors find buyers for their property.

PropertyLink has several estates in its portfolio. They include Peniel Coast Gardens, Pillar Gardens Scheme I, Potter Garden Estate, Potter Gardens and Park I, Potter Gardens and Park II, North Brick Court, and Rehoboth Gardens. Most of these estates are located in the Ibeju-Lekki area, and on the Northern outskirts of Lagos.

PropertyLink says it’s sold out some of these estates, but is still receiving buyers for some of the others. Persons looking to buy land or book an appointment with them can contact them via their website.

Besides its property development and sales activities, PropertyLink provides legal advice, property registration services, and consulting around financial services related to real estate.

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