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Social Media Influencer Of The Week: Sam Adeyemi 


Popularly known as Pastor Sam Adeyemi, Samuel Adesanya Adeyemi is the senior pastor of Daystar Christian Centre and a motivational speaker who impacts youths through various seminars and via the media.

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His start in life was not very rosy, as he was once an unemployed graduate in search of a job. This was compounded by a failed attempt to travel out of the country in search of Greener pastures. In spite of this, he maintained perseverance and determination to succeed in life never wavered.

Today he is the Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Center; a church which he founded on the basis of “raising models”. He uses his success story to inspire thousands of youths around the country.

Impact On The Youths

As a new-generation pastor, Sam Adeyemi is highly regarded by many young people in Nigeria. Over the years, he has used various mediums to reach them and has succeeded in staying on topics that interest them.

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During the COVID lockdown, he hosted several virtual seminars with the likes of Poju Oyemade, pastor of Covenant Christian Centre, where they spent time raising awareness about the pandemic, debunking 5G conspiracy theories, and discussing other trending topics.

He also played a major role in promoting the #EndSARS hashtag on social media and encouraged Nigerian youths during the protests.

Success Power International 

Sam Adeyemi is the host of the popular programme, Success Power, which airs on radio and television channels within and outside Nigeria. Through the programme, he coaches and imparts young people with knowledge and the right mindset to realise their full potentials.

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