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Social Media Influencer Of The Week: Drea Okeke


Black people are at a point in history where they need more inspiring individuals to show them what’s possible when they believe in themselves.

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Drea Okeke (@dreaknowsbest), a Nigerian-American TikTok content creator, has risen to become one of such individuals and is leveraging her expanding TikTok network of over 5 million followers to inspire Black content creators.

At a young age, Drea and her family migrated to the United States. In addition to dealing with the change of moving to a new country, Drea faced bullying from her peers due to her accent and tall stature. Those same qualities have shaped her into the social media influencer she has become.

“There is a major demographic of first-generation kids who can relate to my videos where I bring a lot of things from my culture in my content,”

says Drea.

Drea started making videos on TikTok as a pastime in college. After pursuing a master’s degree from USC Marshall Business School, she realised she could turn her TikTok hobby into a lucrative business. She found herself embracing her Nigerian culture even more to appeal to her fast-rising following, thanks to increased online social media presence and growing fame in the comedy industry.

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“My first major viral video, which I turned into a series, was my accent challenge where I say words in my accent and have a friend from another country say it in theirs,”

says Drea.

The video received over 1 million likes and catapulted her into global stardom. Thanks to her influence, Drea has worked with brands like HBO, Chipotle, Amazon, and L’Oréal. She has also collaborated with content creators from all over the world including Los Angeles, France, UAE, Turkey, and Nigeria.

While Drea is proud of her career as a content creator, she finds more delight in helping the next generation of content creators. Her podcast, “Do It 4 The Content,” offers advice to aspiring content creators. She debuted her TikTok course, “Level Up With TikTok,” in 2020, where she teaches in-depth knowledge for audience growth as well as how to achieve as a creative and entrepreneur.

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