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How To look Chic On A Rainy Day


The rainy days can be very gloomy and depressing, distracting you from making the most of the day. Even worse, your fashion moments. When it rains, you do not need to scramble to take cover, you can brave the season with the most fabulous of outfits even while staying dry.

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Read below for some great ideas for keeping your chic vibe on a rainy day.

Always Have An Umbrella

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The first rule of a stylish rain raid is to always be with an umbrella. It might not be advisable to purchase an umbrella for all colours in your wardrobe as this can be strenuous and expensive. However, you can make do with nude or dark-hued umbrellas that complement other colours of your daily outfit. Your umbrella can also be transparent; it depends on how comfortable you feel.

Make sure your umbrellas are convertible or in size that may fit into your handbags. It can be burdensome to have to hold too many items on outings. Provided your umbrella is the long type, it is best you have a fanny pack to hang on your waistline. This should allow more freedom in movement.

A Hint Of Bright Colour With An All-Dark Outfit

5 Rainy-Day Outfits That Work Every Time


Dark-coloured outfits are the popular choice in the rainy season. This colour is preferred because it makes mud stain accidents less obvious, compared to bright colours. Bright coloured outfits become almost transparent during a drench, but dark colours provide warmth in the cold.

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However, wearing only dark outfits gets the atmosphere drearier than it appears to be. It is much advisable to add a touch of bright colours to lighten up the day. For example for ladies, a black turtleneck bodycon dress can be sparked up with a red or blue-coloured blazer.

Get A Stylish Raincoat To Go With Outfits

Best raincoats for wet weather


Yes! There are raincoats that are chic. Not all raincoats are made for just emergency cases. Not all raincoats give off the regular traditional or local profile. You can get a hoodie or shirt-like raincoats with rubber footwear and still pull it off great. For example, a navy-blue raincoat can do well with a black top and a denim

Invest In Hoodies

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In Nigeria, hoodies do not connote criminal tendencies as it does in some countries. It forms an appeal of a relaxed and comely personality. Although it is not a new trend, hoodies have started to make great statements in street fashion, from urban areas down to rural areas. Even so that it is almost uniform for all during the rainy season. Hoodies might protect you from a heavy downpour but it sure keeps your body warm during the cold.

Now that you know the many fashion tricks for a rainy day, go back take a hard look at your wardrobe, reshuffle your outfit combinations, head to a boutique for the missing bits, take the aforementioned tips and watch what happens. You’d look chic. No rain on parades!

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