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SME Spotlight: Grandeur Tailors


There is a multitude of tailor shops in Nigeria. They range from the simple practice housed in small spaces to well-known brands operating out of large halls and neatly laid-out facilities.

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They don’t all provide the same quality of output. Some harness style and experience in the pieces they produce; others are barely able to put out minimum standard wears. Often, we need people we know to tell us which ones can make us good clothing.

Grandeur Tailors presents itself as sitting at the better end of the tailoring spectrum. It takes on a professional look with its online presence, a nice-looking website that attempts to showcase the artistry behind this business.

Located in Abeokuta, Grandeur Tailors takes on work from across Nigeria, and globally. It specializes in the creation of men’s suits, corporate, and traditional (‘native’) wear. Persons and organizations interested in its services can contact it via the channels listed on the website (including Whatsapp).

The company was founded in 2017 by Isal Toriola, who is currently its CEO. In the five years that have followed, he’s built the business into a reputable name in the local tailoring scene—a feat worth noting, given the tens of thousands of tailors in the country.

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Grandeur Tailors has an Instagram page, which functions as its online showcase. The pieces there include finely designed Agbadas to neatly sewn ‘Senator’ wear. They come with labels and are impressively packaged. These clothes are a cross between simplicity and style and are displayed in ways that appeal to viewers’ aesthetic senses.

Anyone interested in getting any of these wears for themselves can contact Grandeur Tailors with specifications. They can choose from the style templates available from the tailor shop, and suggest modifications. They may also purchase ready-made clothes. Ordered items can be delivered to any part of Nigeria, and customers in the diaspora.

Besides the elegance of its works, Grandeur also attracts customers with a refer-and-earn scheme that’s unique to it. People who refer customers to it will be paid, subject to that customer paying for their pieces, and the piece reaching the customer.

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