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Jobberman is Hosting Nigeria’s Largest Virtual Career Fair this September

Jobberman, Nigeria’s foremost jobs portal and training platform, will be hosting the country’s biggest virtual career fair on September 30th.

The event is themed ‘Be a Champion.’ According to its organizers, it will be matching the over 10,000 qualified job seekers in attendance with 250 potential employees.

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The fair comes at a time in which unemployment has climbed to an all-time high, especially among young people. The National Bureau of Statistics recently revealed that the unemployment rate among persons aged 15-34 years was almost 35% in the second quarter of 2020. That represented an increase by several percentage points from what it was in the previous quarter.

Jobberman’s virtual career fair exists to help job seekers represented by that statistic to find quality job placements. The event will help its attendees gain insight into what employers expect from job candidates, and connect them with actual hiring companies.

What to Expect at the Jobberman Fair

The learning sessions from the one-day program will include CV preparation masterclasses, business etiquette, emotional intelligence, and other skills they need to stand out of the competition and excel in the roles they seek to fill.

Sponsored contests will be on at the event as well. An online networking lounge will also be available, where employers will get the chance to meet with people seeking employment.

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Companies in attendance will be drawn from the agritech, digital and creative sectors, and will be concentrated in the major commercial cities– Lagos, Kano, and Kaduna. Job seekers will also be expected to come primarily from these locations; but the fair is open to everyone, regardless of where they are.

Who Can Attend the Jobberman Virtual Career Fair?  

The online fair is free to attend for anyone who has completed Joberman’s employability skills training and passed the end-of-course assessment test. Employers already listed on the Jobberman platform can also sign up for the program.

How to Register for the Fair

If you are interested in attending the Jobberman Virtual Career Fair, you can register to participate here.


Featured Image Source: Jobberman

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