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The much anticipated 14th Headies has come and gone with new winners emerging and some surprising snubs. All in all, so many musical acts who put in the work through the course of last year, were honoured for their artistic excellence.
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Due to the menace of COVID-19 and adhering to health guidelines from the ministry of health and NCDC, the event was strictly by invitation. This was to promote social distancing but it did not stop the vibe of the event. Award ceremonies are avenues for celebrities to make fashion statements and the just concluded 2021 Headies was no different from the rest. However, one really stood out. This dress was less of a fashion statement but more of a civic statement. It coincides critically with the times we are all in and the stage of the 14th Headies was a perfect platform to showcase this statement. The sentiments inscribed on the fabric of the dress is shared by 100 million Nigerian youths who have for a long time felt silenced by an oppressive government. This dress was worn by one of the hosts of the show, ace comedian, ‘Bovi’. It reminded us all about the #LekkiMassacre.
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Youths, all over the country, came out like never before on several platforms (physical and virtual) during the #EndSARS protests to speak with one voice in demand for a stop to police brutality and better governance but have experienced physical, emotional, and mental oppression through the course of the past five months at the hands of the government at all levels. Particularly coming to mind is the event that happened on October 20th 2020. Thus, Bovi’s fashion statement reassured Nigerians, all over that the fire should remain lit as we still have serious work to do, it reminded us of fellow comrades who lost their lives in course of the struggle, and the fact that we still need to demand justice and accountability. As far as the 14th Headies is concerned, We adjudge Bovi to have won the fashion of the night for recognising the times and utilising his platform to bringing notice to what we fought against, what we are currently fighting against, at the moment, and the fights still to come.
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This article was first published on 22nd February 2021


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