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It’s the season of love once again and as usual, everyone is trying to pick out the best gift for their partner or spouse. Yes, you want to get a flower bouquet or a box of chocolate or trendy wears and shoes, but what if your boo or bae is a techie (like me right)?  It’s a known fact that Techies hardly falls in love (because they’re too busy fiddling with gadgets), but if you’re lucky enough to have one in your life, look below for some Val’s day gift inspirations.

Phone / Phone cases

I’m sure this was your first guess too, but actually, your boo might need a phone upgrade, especially if he/she has been strategically complaining about how horrible their current device is. Depending on how financially buoyant you are, you can go way up to the iPhone X, Samsung Note 8 or S8 category to fish out something for your partner or check out less expensive stuff like the Tecno Camon CM which just came out, Infinix Note 4 Pro and the sort. A personal recommendation would be the OnePlus 5T, possibly the fastest phone alive, but a bit pricey.
10 Tech Gift Ideas for your Valentine’s Day Celebration
OnePlus 5T
Trendy phone cases are cool too, especially the premium looking ones that stand you out from the crowd.

Power Bank

Everyone probably needs a power bank. A good power bank with at least 5000 – 10000 mAh or much higher would make a lovely gift for your spouse this valentine.

Game Console

If you have a pro-gamer as a partner, it might be time to upgrade their gaming console for them. Depending on which side they are on (Sony’s or Microsoft’s) you could purchase the PS4 or PS4 pro, or opt for the Xbox line which just launched the Xbox one X, possibly the best gaming console out there at the moment. game console If a new console isn’t necessary, you could get a new game or a nice-looking gamepad. Gamers always have needs.


Beats Solo
I dare you to name a more iconic duo than techies and headphones. But really, a good headphone is something everyone wants to have. Apple Ear and Airpods, Beats Solo, Sony and a whole lot of other cool headphone brands would make a nice Val gift.

Smart Home Speaker

It’s the era of AI-powered home speakers. From Amazon Echo to Google home to Apple’s Home Pod. You could shell out a few bucks to get one of these amazing devices for your partner this Val period. Smart Watch
Xiaomi MI Band 2
I personally love smartwatches. The MI Band 2 is one of the coolest and cheapest smartwatches out there, but if you’re an Apple fan and use Apple products, then the Apple watch is what you need. If not, brands like Samsung, Fitbit, LG and others, have a wide range of options you can choose from

Key Tag

Smart key tags are a tech solution that will help you find missing items like car keys, wallets, and other small valuable that tend to get missing often. One of such is Tile tracker. You can Loop it through your keychain, slip it into your wallet, or even stick one on your laptop and use the app on your phone to keep track of everything.

Back Pack

  Having a whole lot of gadgets without a fancy, premium looking bag to throw them into is not how techies want to live. Hence, good looking backpacks are a yes yes for your tech-loving boo. The recent trend in backpacks are the antitheft ones with a USB outlet on the body of the backpack. Any other solid looking backpack would be just fine. VR Stuff The VR craze may have died down a little but well every techie always wants new toys to play with. A VR headset would make an amazing gift. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Daydream, Samsung gear VR 2, or even the less expensive Google cardboard would do just fine. You could even go as far as getting a drone but that would be quite expensive. Ensure they own VR compatible smartphones before opting for this gift idea.   Laptop / Tablet
Hp Envy X360
Last and definitely not least, a laptop and tablet upgrade for your boo would put an endless smile on their face. Thanks to manufacturers, there’s always a better PC out there. Purchase a PC today and in 3 months, it becomes stale stuff. Get your partner a new PC – Apple MacBook Pro with touch bar (plenty $$$) or something from HP or Dell. Tablets are a fine gift too. The Apple iPad is probably one of the best things out there, but an android powered tablet is awesome too. Don’t forget to get those bouquets of flowers too ?

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This article was first published on 13th February 2018


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