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The Eko Innovation Center, in collaboration with the Lagos State Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, has launched the Lagos Smart Meter Hackathon. Entries are now being received from startups that can create affordable metering solutions for households in Lagos.
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The winning teams will receive the competition’s prize of ₦7 million.

Why the Lagos Smart Meter Hackathon?

The organizers of this hackathon are seeking a solution to the low level of meter deployment across the state. They estimate that up to 60% of households in Lagos remain without smart meters, despite the government’s attempts to increase adoption rates. Through the hackathon, innovative teams could build metering hardware and software systems that solve this problem. Their meter prototype would be affordable, efficient, and suitable for Nigerian users. It could also enable power distribution companies to plug revenue leakages and help consumers save on power costs. Besides the initial prize money, the winning team also gets a percentage of the intellectual property royalties.

Additional Information

  • There is a preference for local (Nigerian) teams. But there’s room for non-nationals to participate as well.
  • You are free to enter for the hackathon whether or not you have a prototype ready yet.
  • If you don’t have the machinery to make the hardware, you can submit a designed prototype instead.

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The Process

Applications are open until August 24. Teams intending to participate should register on the Lagos Smart Meter Hackathon website. There, they can download the specification documents that should guide their work. Teams are also to submit their prototypes on the site. A shortlist of potential winners will be drawn up afterwards. Startups on that list will be invited to the hackathon event in Lagos, where they will pitch their product. The winning team will receive their prize money. They will also collaborate with the Lagos State government to produce live versions of their prototype. If you would like to enter for the Lagos Smart Meter Hackathon 2020, click here.   Featured Image Source: Opportunity Desk
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This article was first published on 14th August 2020


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